Lab Mill 200

This compact, sturdy pulveriser has been designed and developed in South Africa for the general grinding requirements of a typical industrial laboratory. The South African coal industry makes use of these mills.

For normal use, the units are supplied with a cloth collection bag, which also serves as an effective air filter. A specification feature is long-life roller and ball bearings, enclosed and lubricated for trouble-free service over extended periods of use.

A turbo rotor can be fitted to the existing shaft. When new the use of the turbo rotor can provide a product size of 97% -212 micron. Turbo rotors can be refurbished and dynamically balanced if they become worn.

The 200 Lab Mill is used for crushing:

  • Bricks
  • Chemicals
  • Coal
  • Concrete
  • Grain
  • Ores & Minerals
  • Soil
  • Spices
  • and many more materials in the medium hard range.

Once the material is fed into the feed chute, it quickly flows into the mill grinding chamber where it is pulverised against the chamber lining by impact with the fast moving hardened hammers.

Once the particles reach the required size they are discharged through interchangeable screens into the collection bag or receptacle.

Maximum capacity and milling performance is dependent on the material being processed, size of the screen and the hammer configuration.

Technical Specifications

Total Mass of Machine: 68 kg
Motor kW (singl phase 2 Pole): 1.5 kW
Feed Hopper Capacity: 1.2 litre
Inlet Feed Size to Machine: 38 mm x 38 mm
Outlet: 230 mm x 120 mm
Width of Grinding Chamber: 32 mm
Rotor Shaft Diameter: M16
Rotor Diameter: 200 mm
Rotor Speed: 6000 rpm
Peripheral Speed of Beater: 62 m/s
Screen Area: 60 cm2
Discharge: Cloth Collection Bag

Standard Features

  • Powerful 1.5 kW, 220 Volt (50 Hz) motor
  • Push button starter with overload protection
  • Bench top / Floor standing unit
  • Standard Beater Cross Hammers as well as Turbo Rotor with 8 off individual hammers available
  • Standard Cloth Collection Bag as well as Sample Collection Receptacle available
  • Standard Fixed Feed Chute but Adjustable Feed Chute also available
  • Wide variety of different aperture Perforated Plate and Wedge Wire Screens available


  • Hard-faced Beater Crosses
  • Turbo Rotors
  • Perforated Plate Screens and Screen Holders
  • Welded Wedge Wire Screens
  • Cloth Collection Bags
  • Sample collection receptacles

Product Table

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Item Name Part Number Description Price  
LAB MILL 200 CROSS BEATER L08.008 200 Cross Beater Lab Mill with:
• 1.5 kW motor
• Starter and overload protection
• Mild Steel frame and base
• Fixed Inlet chute
• Hard-faced beater cross
• Screen in holder
• Cloth collection bag
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LAB MILL 200 TURBO ROTOR L08.009 200 Turbo Lab Mill with:
• 1.5 kW motor
• Starter and overload protection
• Mild Steel frame and base
• Fixed Inlet chute
• Turbo Rotor with 8 off hardened hammers
• Screen in holder
• Cloth collection bag
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