The MACSALAB Drum Mixer has been developed to meet the increasing demand for a low cost batch mixer for homogenising, dying, etc, particularly in smaller industries or for frequent product changes as required.


Advantages of a Drum Mixer compared to a conventional Mixer are:

  • Uses drum that products are supplied in.
  • Avoids undue handling of dusty or tonic products.
  • Hoop can be used to transport drum.
  • Accepts 100 and 220 litre drums.
  • Very little physical effort is required to change drum.
  • No need for drum hoists, cradles, etc.
  • No time or materials lost when changing products.

Drum Mixers find applications in the following industries:

•   Chemicals        •   Clothing        •   Cosmetics     ▪   Food Stuffs    •   Pharmaceuticals

•   Paints                   •   Plastics         •   Pigments        •   Leather, etc.


The Drum Mixer comprises a drive unit with roll-on/roll-off ramp, foot switch and one of two sizes of hoop:

•   100    litres        •   220    litres

The Drum Mixer can also be modified with a timer and stop/start switch on a control stand as well as modifications to the hoop to take almost any size drum.

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